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Can someone help me the code relating to Calendar pleasee

I am planning to learn and bulid an app for tracking baby process, so can anyone tell me is there any lesson from codewwithChris relating to Pregnancy tracker please?

If the answer is absolutely no, can someone help me finish this task:

  1. I put some name and birthday of new user on TextFiled
  2. I creat a list of events will occur from the birthday (e.x: after 12 month, it will show today is first birthday, after 16 months, its will show today your child start talking…) (Should we use json here?)
  3. a button link to new View with calendar ( yes, it’s is NavigationLink I think)
  4. a calender show full list of event like what we make note on phone, the difference is the list is already make
  5. Everytime we open app, it alway shows the day is today

I do know this is quite a long question but I can not find any same question on Internet.
If you don’t have time, please just show me the keyword and I will do research
Hope someone can kindly help me. I’m eternally grateful!!!

not here isn’t, but you’re never going to find a tutorial exactly related to what you want to build. You should learn the concepts from tutorial and apply them to your idea

You should learn the basics about iOS development. You’ll find this in tutorials. How to use text fields

You can use JSON, or save data to core data, or anything else, it doesn’t matter, but you can do math on a date

Yes, you’ll use NavigationLink, again look at the basics of iOS development and how to navigate between views


Or maybe save the data to the calendar, you don’t need to save it separately

You can fetch the date

You should go through CodeWithChris iOS foundations, you would learn most of this

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thanks for your kindly reply!!!