Cannot Enrol - Apple Dev Program!

Hi Chris / All

I really hope you, or anyone, can assist. I have been taking this course since April, one of the best things I have done. Long story short, I am up to the end of the Quiz app in CWC+. During this time I have been doing further reading, study, playgrounds etc and I have developed an app that we can use at work, I am the IT Manager. I have taken a look at module 7. I thought I’ll register for the Developer Program so I can upload and deploy to my team via Test Flight, I believe that’s what I require at this point. Anyway, I have tried to enrol countless times over a few months, new Apple ID’s, info, different machines, and network connections, no good. Like 100’s of people across the globe in the Apple Dev forum, you get to checking terms and conditions, and boom, your enrolment could not be completed at this time. Call support and like robots they literally read the error back to you and say they can do nothing. Its like they are literally ignoring the issue / hiding something, its soooo weird. I explained that is simply not acceptable. I mean, I bought a MAC, enrolled in a course and committed to this project, without the program, it is pointless? Any thoughts? Ideas, similar experiences? You feel like you are going mad when talking to support, I literally can’t believe how bad it is and have now read so many bad stories re this issue, payment renewal issues where devs are waiting 13 months for a resolution, I am really starting to consider my options. I really really really want to stay here and continue my journey. Any help / input is most welcome. Thank you Chris / All.

All good finally!! I have had to use the worst email I own, @hotmail etc, for it to be accepted.

Essentially its seems that if Apple believe your account is spam, they will block and not discuss. Strange because I have had the Apple ID for 10 + years and have spent 1000’s in iTunes and App Store. Anyway, its done finally!!!

Hopefully this helps others.