Cannot Equal Height in Xcode 11

I am currently doing the Lesson 2 Auto Layout Bonus video tutorial and I got to the point where you click View and hold command while you click the other View. Once you do that you are suppose to click ‘Add Constraint’ and click ‘Equal Height’. If you look in my image, it does not give me the option to click anything. I know the Lesson is being demonstrated in Xcode 9 so is this an update for Xcode 11 that prevents you to utilize this function? Thank you.

I typed in: equal height storyboard xcode 11 to google.

It’s always useful to try to figure out the problem yourself before going to the form. Also because the upgrade for Xcode 10 to 11 lots of things have changed. Chris also just put out a video for those changes

I wasn’t trying to Google different things but I’m pretty new to this training so, I just started over to try and trouble shoot the issue. I definitely didn’t want to continue on doing it incorrectly. Thank you so much for the feedback and the video. Will do more trouble shooting and research for the near future.

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I meant to say * I was trying to Google different things

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Totally understand!! I didn’t mean to come off as mean or anything.

But learning “how to google” is a skill for a developer, I was just trying to point out what you would google to help you!

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Aw no worries. I appreciate you taking time out to respond. Hey im learning here, so I definitely don’t mind learning any tricks or traits to make my journey more effective. I am currently watching the YouTube you provided covering Xcode 11 for beginners.

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Awesome please feel free to ask questions whenever!
Here’s Chris’ guide to asking questions to get the best response from the community

Hey BlendFit, did you get it to work? Here’s another thing you can try:

(Also, i’m going to move this topic into the App Development category. This category is more for tutorial requests and general feedback on codewithchris)


Yes after I read your message about debugging, I just kept going over the video and testing out different ways to execute the action. I did notice setting all 4 constraints to the View worked, so I just rolled with it; but thank you so much for clarifying that for me. Sorry for all the questions in the forum. Im just really trying to finish what I started when I first got out the military and that was to learn how to develop and I thank you for providing this forum for newbies like me. I will be starting your paid course towards mid next month. My near goal is to at least be efficient enough to build my prototype. I got quoted 15k just for a prototype from a company here in Houston, Texas.

That’s awesome!
Checkout to figure out what you need to learn to build your prototype!