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Cannot find "Vary for Traits" option in XCode 14.2

I need some help with WarCard Game project. I am using XCode 14.2(14C18) and I cannot find the “Vary for Traits” option. In the tutorial, there is a “View as:” option in the bottom-left corner that shows the iPhone name and size class, but I only see the phone and rotation options, as shown in the picture. How can I access the “Vary for Traits” option?

Hi @Orange_Candy, welcome to the CodeCrew forum!

You can access the Vary for Traits option by:

  1. Click/Select the View you want
  2. Show the Size Inspector
  3. Double-click the constraint you want to apply a Vary for Trait option.
  4. Click the + icon near the constraint constant as shown in the screenshot:

Hope it helps!

Yes, this method is help. But it would be a lot more helpful if the previous size class menu were there. But I guess XCode has killed it. :expressionless: :no_mouth: