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Can't Add Elements From Object Library

Hi, I’m watching the coding tutorial from YouTube. I’m following the tutorial step by step. At this moment in the tutorial, (link) Chris add a text element to the code from the library. But when I try to do it in my Xcode, I can’t even see the object library. Can you help me in solving my problem? I’ll appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

This may have been possible on the version of Xcode that Chris Ching was using at the time the tutorial was created but with Xcode 12.5.1 you must have at least one View object in the body property in order to drag other Views in from the library.
That’s my observation at this time.

So there’s nothing wrong in my situation. I understood you right?

Assuming that you are using the current version of Xcode (12.5.1) then that is my understanding of how it works.

Yes I’m using the newest version of Xcode.

You need to add one view to your app. Like add Text(“Hello World”) inside the body and now try to use the object library, you should see the same options as Chris