Can't do regex matching, reason: Can't open pattern

I am trying to signup in the simulator after I complete all the text fields and it does not transition to the home view controller. Nothing populates in firebase authentication.

I do recieve this error however - 2020-05-02 11:28:55.557756-0400 LitorSplit.1[35894:464612] [] nw_connection_receive_internal_block_invoke [C1] Receive reply failed with error "Operation canceled"

I know very little about coding, but it is very intuitive. Once I figure out what may be the problem when signing in I got it from here.

Thread 1: Exception: “Can’t do regex matching, reason: Can’t open pattern U_REGEX_MISSING_CLOSE_BRACKET (string tester1234*, pattern ^(?=.[a-z])(?=.[$@$#!%?&])[A-Za-z\d$@$#!%?&{8,}, case 0, canon 0)”

I mean, that error message tells you what’s wrong: you are missing a closing ] in your pattern.

(format: “SELF MATCHES %@”, “^(?=.[a-z])(?=.[$@$#!%?&])[A-Za-z\d$@$#!%?&]{8,}”)

This is the line of code. I am not entirely sure where the bracket is needed.

That’s not the same as the regex string included in the error message. The one in the error is missing the ] before the {8,} but the one in your last post has it.

That was the error message. Sorry, I stated I don’t know anything about code, but it is intutitive to me if it is explained.

Please post the function or method (or even whole class) where the error occurs.