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Canvas/Simulator not working

Total bummer here ya’ll. Pumped to learn to code but halted at the very beginning because the Canvas preview is not working and neither is the simulater. I have a 3.1 ghz core i5 8gb Mac, with recently upgraded Big Sur 11.5.2, and I have Xcode 12.5.1

Took loads and loads of stuff off the hard drive to make space for xCode, and everything seems to working fine. Took about an hour for simulator to get the phone up and running, but nothing happened after that. And all I get in the canvas view is the grey spinning wheel, even though at the top it says “build succeeded”

Haven’t done anything to the code at all, simply trying to see the “hello, world” text.

Can anyone help?

Welcome to the community!

Try to quit Xcode, open it again and run the project.

If that doesn’t work try cleaning the project (Cmd + Shift + K) and try again