Card Flipping issue

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I need help with the card flipping game. When i scroll and flip the second card, the first card remains unflipped. I rewatched the video and checked my code multiple times, but the issue still remains.

The Match conditional statements

IsMatched configuration

willDisplay cell

THanks alot

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Maybe I’ve missed it, but I don’t see where you’ve changed the card.isFlipped to true.

The general logic is that when you run the flipUp method, you’ve got to set the isFlipped to true. Anytime you scroll, the configure cell method will run, so in that method it’s checking to see the flipped status of each and every card that will appear as you scroll. if its flipped down, the configure cell should show the back of the card. If it is flipped up, then the configure cell should show the front.

I don’t think you set the flippedUp status so therefore when you scroll away and back to that card, its just showing it back side showing.

If you’re referring to this code, i have set the card.isFlipped to true. Everything runs fine and normally, but when i scroll it down and flip the second card.

is that your configure cell method at the top of the screen shot? If so, try adding some print (card.isFlipped) statements in your configure cell method to see if your are correctly capturing the flipped status when it goes to the configure cell method. Your breakdown has something to do with that. And also add the same print statement after the card.isflipped= true in your flipUp method. I’m new too so I’m not an expert here… just FYI.

Can you show your full code for the configure cell method?