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Card matching game

I don’t know if anyone can help me but I’m working on a matching card game. i got the easy part out of the way I can flip the cards facing up and facing down. now I have to add the game so every time I flip a card and it matches it stays open or disappears for every match. I need help I don’t know where to start and haven’t found much help on google thank you.

Chris has this tutorial, but it is in UIKit, you may be able to use it to understand what needs to be done for the same app in SwiftUI.

But overall your model will need to hold some kind of value to know whether or not the card is flipped over or not

My app is in swiftUI would i be able to use the code?

No SwiftUI and UIKit are very different

Parts of the code you can use, but a majority of it is specific to UIKit