Career change (?)

So I’ve been working as an associate at a law firm in Sweden for the last 4 years. But I’ve always had an interest in coding and creating stuff, like I think I was 9 when I created my first website using HTML (this was like mid-90’s) and I’ve been studying typography, textile design amongst other subject more creative than law. For context studying in Sweden is for free, which brings me to my questions.

I have seriously been considering a change of career, partly to get to do something that I’m really passionate about and partly to get to to work in an environment with more soft values, i.e. working with people who cares for the people around them.

Anyone else have a story about making a drastic change of career like this?
And for those of you with experience from working as a coder (of any sorts, not just iOS), what are teams like out there? How is it working with other coders and designers?

Finally I’ve been looking into studying the Front End Developer program at Hyper Island which is a new program but I’m curious if anyone else has got some experience with Hyper?

Also happy to answer any questions about being a lawyer in Sweden or just Sweden in general! :upside_down_face: