Change Developer Name in Appstore

I have launched an app on app App Store , but the developer name is my personal name, I want the developer name as the app team’s name

you probably want to contact apple support for this they should be able to help you as it is an issue with itunes

I contacted them, they advised to transfer the app to the new account, but then I believe I have to pay another time, which I don’t want as my previous developer account will be of no use and the money will not be refunded upon cancelling the account, do you know the better way out?

did you ask then what happens if you just change the name of your account?

if it wont happen as simple as that then theres nothing you can do for now maybe publish it for 1 year in your personal name and re publish it next year on the other app

They told me to have new account in the name of team.

Yes, that’s the only option what you suggested if I don’t want to pay anymore

Apple has two different account types, Individual and Team (Company).

If you wanna change the name you need to pay for a new account and transfer the App to that account.

Guys I’ve been trying to follow Chris’s video on publishing my app on the AppStore but I got those two errors although I followed the steps exactly.
Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 2.05.45 AM Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 2.05.56 AM

maybe you have used com.Bored-Bored- before?.. or try it without the “-”