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Changing value of a variable in an "IF" Condition


i am trying to change the value of a variable (called dowweights.apu) in an if statement but I get error: Type ‘()’ cannot conform to ‘View’

The variable dowweights.apu is at first declared to 0 and now I want to declare it to 250.

Do I need a function or is my syntax wrong ?

@ObservedObject var dowweights = DowWeights(apu: 0)

if (firestoreManager.checkmarkapu == true) {

 self.dowweights.apu = 250 
// I am trying to set a new value to the variable "apu"
    else {
        firestoreManager.updateStatecheckmarkapu(checkmarkapu: false)


Hi Pat,

Can you show the code for your entire swift file that you are working on so that we can see the context in which you are using the If statement? I think I know what you might be trying to do but without all of the code it’s a bit hard to explain to you why that it happening.