Chat App help plz

I Get an error message saying extra arguments $isSettingShowing in call

In order to help you effectively you will need to post your code you have in the View in which the error is occurring and also any other View that is related to that View.

Paste in all of your code in as text, rather than providing a screenshot.

When your paste code in, paste it as text and then format it as a code block. To do that, copy the code from Xcode and paste in your reply. Select the code you just pasted in and then from the compose post toolbar above tap the Pre-formatted text button which looks like this </>. What that does is insert three back-ticks ``` above and below the code block to format it nicely. You could manually insert those backticks if you wanted to. The backtick character is on the same key as the tilde ~ just under the ESC key on a QWERTY keyboard.