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ChatApp Error While setting up firebase

Hi guys! Im doing the chat app course and am absolutely loving it!

However, im currently on M2L5 and cant get past this error while setting up the firebase project. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck.

Are you perhaps familiar with this error message whilst downloading the firebase package?

I just created a dummy Chat App and added Firebase to it successfully although there were some odd dialogs that popped up to do with logging in which I ignored.

Decided to remove the package and then added it again and no such dialogs appeared and again the SDK installed successfully.

Maybe remove the package, clean your project Shift + Command + K and then try adding the package again.

URL for the SDK: https://github.com/firebase/firebase-ios-sdk.git

No luck with this. I even created a whole new project and tried there, however the error keeps popping up.

If you open Safari and paste in that firebase GitHub URL

Do you see that GitHub page?

yes sir

this is the view I get

It’s possible there is something wrong with Xcode. Have you tried restarting your Mac?

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