Chris's Xcode in videos is diff than my Xcode v.12

Chris’s Xcode (Screens and directories) are a little different than the version 12 of Xcode I downloaded. Does anyone know if I should be using a different version other than v.12? What version is Chris using in these videos? I truly appreciate your help… Thanks

Hi Phil,

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Yes the Xcode 12 interface is slightly different that it’s predecessor Xcode 11 but fundamentally it is the same. It’s just a matter of getting used to finding where the equivalent options are. When we all move to MacOS Big Sur the Xcode 12 interface will look slightly different yet again.

A lot of the videos that Chris Ching created were with Xcode 11 (some even Xcode 10) and it’s a tough job for him to go through and revamp all the videos using Xcode 12. In some cases that’s not even practical.

If you are having trouble with finding something then ask a specific question and those of us who are regulars here will help you out.

Hi! Thanks for your reply! I appreciate it! Yes, I discovered all the differences between Chris’s video version and the 12 Im using. Thanks again!

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