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Clock app not possible on IOS?

Dear Community,

unfortunately I am not a developer so far. :grimacing:
(but I think I have to learn it - I just started the beginners class with Chris :muscle:)
For now I asked some friends to develop a clock app for me, but they say this is not possible for the newest version of IOS. Is that true?
That would be very sad, since I plan to do a few apps!


If you mean using SwiftUI then here is a screen shot of an App that I created. The App is adapted from an original design by Amos Gyamfi ‘nimbbble’ on YouTube

So it can be done.

whau! Thank you so much!!!
That is exactly what I need!
(Hope my friend uses SwiftUI…)
Thank you so much, Chris!
:slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:
PS: the work of Amos is very beautiful!!!

My friend, who is an IOS app developer, still says, that the iPhone doesn’t allow these kind of apps anymore. :unamused:
Do you know (or does anyone know) something about this new policy of Apple?

What exactly is your friend trying to say? Is he saying that Apple will not allow a Clock App to be submitted to the App Store?

I first asked him to do a screensaver for me (that is how I called my clock app at the beginning). He first wanted to do it, but later he sent me screenshots of - I think the Xcode - page: “choose a template for your new project”, which shows no screensaver template for IOS (unlike the template options for MacOS)
Later I argued that it would be a clock rather than a screensaver. He then answered, that “it’s not possible because iPhone does not provide the option”. ??? :thinking: :thinking:

maybe its possible as a widget or something, like putting the widget as your screensaver/lock screen… i saw an app called flip clock that seems to do just that https://apps.apple.com/us/app/flip-clock-digital-widgets/id1181028777

Yes, that is exactly what I want and since this clock and also other analog clocks exist in the App Store I have no idea why it would be not possible to realise my idea.
Maybe I have to ask another person to develop it…