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Code Signing Error in App Store Connect

Trying to submit version 1.1 of my app. Version 1.0 is already in the App Store. When I try to validate the archive in Xcode, I get this message:

Looking at the logs only gets this:
ZjfoV6/Root/Payload/Bills & Periodicals.app: internal error in Code Signing subsystem

Any advice?

Double check your code signing team is selected.

Maybe even sign out and then sign back in

Also sometimes there’s just issues with App Store connect, wait a little bit and try again (sometimes even wait a day)

Team is enabled.

Waited several days.

Did you mean sign out/in to App Store Connect? I do that every day.

Still getting the error. I’m using MacOS Monterey beta. I wonder if that’s the problem.

No I meant sign in/out in Xcode.

And having beta software could definitely be the problem. I’m pretty sure you can NOT create an archive of your app on beta software (usually Xcode, but I’m not sure if that extends to MacOS too)

I can’t find any way to sign out of Xcode. Can you point me in the right direction?

I’m using the MacOS beta, but not the Xcode beta. Also, the archive that I used for the previous version of my app got the same error.

In the Xcode settings, then account. Basically delete your App Store connect one and sign in again

Deleting account and signing in didn’t help. Any other suggestions?

I used Transporter to upload the app. It still didn’t work, but it gave me a better error message:

ERROR ITMS-90161: “Invalid Provisioning Profile. The provisioning profile included in the bundle com.PeteTheGolfer.Annual [Payload/Bills & Periodicals.app] is invalid. [Missing code-signing certificate]. A Distribution Provisioning profile should be used when submitting apps to the App Store. For more information, visit the iOS Developer Portal.”

I still don’t understand what it’s trying to say. I thought I had a Distribution Provisioning profile. How do I create one?

I just checked and I do have a Distribution Provisioning profile. In fact, I now have two, since I just created one.

If I just knew what App Store Connect wanted, I would happily provide it.