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CodeCrew Forum Account Migration!

Hello, it’s Chris here.

We’ve set up single sign on with codewithchris.com!

If you have an existing forum account, then simply create a CWC account using the same email address as your forum account. (https://codewithchris.com/account/?action=register)

That way, your current forum account will be synced with your new CWC account.

How do I find the email address for my forum account?

If you go into your forum profile, you’ll find the email associated with your forum account.

If you no longer have access to your forum account and you can’t remember your email, then contact us with your forum username and we’ll send an email to the email address on file. That way when you receive it, you’ll know which email address you used.

You can contact us here.

What if my CWC account isn’t synced with my old forum account?

If you find that your forum data is not synced to your CWC account, we can manually transfer all your forum data to your new CWC forum profile.

Simply fill contact us and we’ll help you within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for going through this with us as we evolve and continue to improve.

If you have any concerns or issues with your account, contact us.

I also want to thank the CWC team that keeps everything running smoothly.

This CWC community is truly special because of you all!


Hey Chris!

I am a little bit unhappy with how the change is going. I just registered in the new platform, and it says I should have received a registration email. But there is no registration email in my inbox, and there is no way that I can log in to the account. If I go to reset my password it says that your Wordpress site has not been configured to handle reset of passwords. I have just joined your course less than a week ago and I have spent an hour to try and get on the platform.

Hey Arshmeet,

I’m sorry for the trouble! It’s my mistake for underestimating the burden the email server would take under all the new registrations. As such, many people are not getting confirmation emails and we’re working hard to manually help everyone as well as set up extra email servers for the load.

Please submit a request through this form (Account Migration Request) if you haven’t already and I promise we’ll resolve it in the next 5 hours.

Thanks for your patience!

Hey @arshmeetsodhi , the new email server is up and running and any reset password and registration confirmation emails should be sent reliably now. I’ve triggered a forgot password email for your account.
If you run into any additional issues, just let us know! I’ll be closely monitoring for the next 5 hours.


Hello - I have been trying to get into my account for over 2 days and attached is the screen shot of the blank screen I keep getting when I log on. I have sent couple emails to care@codewithchris.com and no one is responding. It would be nice if someone would respond to my emails to let me know my issue is being worked on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated it.


Hey Karla, I see that Arthur has responded to you and you should’ve gotten an email response!
Can you see it?

Hi Chris - I did not get an email response. I checked my spam as well. My account is working :grinning:

Thank you so much.


Hey Chris!

Hope you are well. I’ve set up a CWC account with same email I use for this one. But there is no way to set a password for that account. So I can’t log into CWC at the moment to watch the tutorials. Should I wait until tomorrow to see what happens after tomorrow?



Hey Tariq, you should’ve received an email to set a password! If you didn’t, try to reset your password from https://codewithchris.com/account


Hi Chris

It’s all sorted now, Arthur got back to me. Thanks so much for the help and follow up

Best wishes


Hey Chris! is the courses completed data supposed to transfer to the new site? Mine is showing me as a brand new baby CWC noob hahaha 0% completed everywhere

Hey @Pagasi , I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on your amazing journey. I’m seriously impressed with your commitment shown in your journal thread! (For anyone interested, you can find it here)

Regarding your question, i’m seriously kicking myself for this. This is one thing that Teachable (our old platform) had where Thinkific (new platform) doesn’t have: The ability for the admins to set progress for the student.

I didn’t know this before and I feel like it’s a big omission. I’ve contacted their team to request this feature already but I know that doesn’t help right now.

The only thing that can be done is if you manually click “Complete” on each lesson. I know it’s a bummer and it sucks to lose that progress so I would be happy to manually do this for you by logging into your account and clicking all those buttons haha

As long as you’re willing to let me change your password (so i can log in) and if you let me know which courses are 100% complete, i’ll go ahead and click all of them! (You can send me a PM with this information)

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Lol don’t worry about it @Chris2 I don’t need them checked, I might do it if I get bored one day lol.

PS. The new feature to find a topic in old videos is fantastic! Thanks!

So just to be clear if I migrate the account. Will it bill me? Will it cost money? Or is the account migration free?

Yes it’s free and it’ll be necessary because we’ll be winding down the old platform eventually.


I just finished the Swift Basics Course and its Challenges, Thank you Chris for such wonderful tutorials and Challenges! now im ready to take another challenge! https://learn.codewithchris.com/courses/take/start/texts/18003134-welcome

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Thanks so much for the reply!