Collectionview Randomly Fails to Load the First Row

Hi everyone,

I have encountered this problem where the collection view does not load the first row properly, it crams all the images to the left ( this happens randomly )

Is there a solution to fix this problem? Please help me thank you.


Can you describe the purpose of the screen.
I am assuming that the “baby” characters are members of the collectionView. What is the purpose of the heart symbol and the label LOVE 1 at the top? It it a separate label that should sit above the collectionView?

Thank you Chris, this is an iMessage app and all the baby images are iMessage stickers shown in the current collection view. I am also adding swipe gestures to each sticker for extra functions that users can do with them. The heart symbol and “LOVE1” belongs to the header and they are there for display purpose only.

Hope that helps to explain the situation, alternatively you can also download the active app here from this link:

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

Is it possible to place the header and the collectionView into a stackView so that the header always stays at the top?