Combining SceneView with UIView


first thanks for your videos, I really like them and they helped me a lot getting started with iOS app developing with Xcode and swift.

I want to make an app, where I have a 3D coordinate system, in which mathematic stuff (vectors, lines, planes, …) should be shown. I already played with SceneView and generated some elements, so on the first view, it looks good for my project.
On the same “screen”, I want to add elements from the UIView (Buttons, Labels, Input Fields, …).

I already searched many hours on the web, but didn’t found a solution. I just wondering, why it should not be possible, to overlay views or to split the screen with two different views…

I hope I can get some help!

didn’t knew before but the most simple solution for me is to just add a SceneKit View to the storyboard on the view. :laughing: