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Command CompileSwift failed with a nonzero exit code

I have seven files in my project marked with the title error, and one with a Segmentation fault error. I have checked all the files, and none of them show any errors. If anyone has an idea as to how to fix this, I would be indebted. I can’t preview the project until this gets fixed.

Yes, I have searched the web and the forum, and I have done all the things suggested, but none have worked. Screenshots are attached.

Cleaning the project, and deleting derived data doesn’t help?

When did this occur? Suddenly?

Yes, all of a sudden I started getting these errors. I have cleaned the build files, removed all the breakpoints, shut down and restarted Xcode, shut down and restarted my laptop. I will check the part about derived data, but I think I did that. Cleaning the build files removes the errors, but they reappear as soon as I resume the preview. If you can think of anything else, please let me know.

Also I watched the mod about GitHub today. Your explanations were great. I am now signed up and this project is saved there. Thanks.

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Glad to hear it about GitHub!
You can build your project though and don’t have issues? It’s only when running it?

Well the files don’t show any errors but these messages come up under build time errors. I just deleted all the derived data an cleaned out all caches, but the errors are still there.

Hi Michelle,
I did some research on Arm64 and found out that is has something to do with the preview in relation to how the view is set up, especially with stacks. I think my stacks are OK, but here are a couple of screen shots. Maybe another set of eyes will see what I don’t see. I really appreciate your help. Let me know if you find anything wrong or have a better idea as to how to set this up.