Compile error after Firebase Authentication implemented

Hi Chris I’m trying to build my app but I don’t quite understand the problem. Once I have opened all of the firebase authentication it gives me an error I saved the report that it gives me could you please take a look at it. Thank you

Can you provide a screen capture of your Project Navigator panel (the one on the left) showing all of the Swift files that you have created. For Example: something like this which shows all of the files in my PhotoApp. Ensure that any subfolders you have created are expanded to show the contents.

The error is suggesting that you have two copies of the same ViewController.swift file in your project one of which appears to be in a subfolder.

I will do it right away

That’s the problem right there. You cannot have two ViewControllers with the same class name. You should be seeing an error from the compiler telling you that you have an error because you have a re-declaration of class ‘ViewController’. ie, the name of the class appears twice.

okay so which one should I delete

The better question is why are there 2 with the same name?

Change the name of one or delete one.

Also next time ask your question in its own thread, not attached to someone else’s.


I have moved your question to it’s own topic and made up a subject title that I hope fits.

As to which one of the ViewController.swift files you remove, which one has code in it that you require and which one does not?