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Compiling and downloading,

Is there a tutorial on how to compile and download my app and install it on other phones without having to go through the app store. I just want to use it and not publish it.

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Not exactly, this is side loading an app which Apple does NOT allow

With a free dev account you can build the app to your phone and it’ll be there for 10 days, until you have to build it again

If you have a paid Apple dev account, you can keep the app on your phone for 100 days, before needing to build it again

Another way, you could release an unlisted app, so the only way to download it, would be to have the direct App Store link, it wouldn’t show up in search

I guess this isnt for me then all I want to do is to create and app and put it on a couple of phones and have it stay there.

You technically can do this, but only in the ways I listed

Apple doesn’t let you do things that they don’t want you to do, you have more flexibility on Android