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First, thank you Chris and Micah for these fabulous courses. I have learned a great deal!

I am 71 and retired. I am not a novice to programming since I spent 15 years in IT. I know many languages, including c++ and python. My introduction to Swift and Xcode did not go well. I found learning Swift on your own to be impossible. Your courses have gotten me to a point that I feel capable of writing my own app. I am hoping to launch that app and make it available on the App Store at some point.

Thank you!


Well done. I’m 68 and started my iOS journey back in May of 2018. What a ride it has been. I’ve followed courses on Udemy and then was introduced to YouTube creators like Mark Moeykens, then Sean Allen, then Paul Hudson and Chris Ching. Followed 2 free courses from Paul Hudson “100 Days of Swift” (UIKit - storyboard) then “100 Days of SwiftUI”. Purchased books from Paul Hudson, Mark Moeykens and Donny Wals.

Certainly the best way to keep your brain active in retirement.

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Thanks Chris,

I have enjoyed the training. I expect to continue with this. Maybe I will go back to work after being retired for 5 years!


Back to work??? Hahahaha… Not this little black duck.

I know it sounds a bit nutz to work after retiring with 41 years of experience but… I really like to write code…

I don’t want to participate in the corporate nonsense so it would have to be a fairly unique opportunity… Either that or maybe I need some medication! hahaha

It’s all up to you Tom! You could do freelancing and/or making your own apps!

That doesn’t have you dealing with company nonsense :slight_smile:

Thanks Mikaela… yes, that would be the way to go. In the interim I have more studying to do. I have started on my own app. Doing that gives me an idea of how much I have learned…. Or not!

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Don’t worry! There’s ALWAYS more to learn :slight_smile: