Connecting an iOS app to my SQLite Database using Swift 4

I am new to iOS app development at the moment and going through the Code with Chris videos… which are great.

I have since created a SQLite database with various tables, but i want to design an iOS app so i can SELECT query the DB based on the users entered data and display the query results on the iphone app.

I am not interested in inserting or deleting data in the DB, just to execute Select queries, based on user input.

I am using the latest Xcode at the moment.

Are there any training materials, books or videos that can help me get this started?
I have found some notes on the web but they seem to be out dated.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not sure what you mean by “ I am not interested in inserting or deleting data in the DB, just to execute Select queries, based on user input.”

You must have data in your database to return anything.

Anyways here’s an amazing tutorial about SQLite

Hi MikaeloCaron,

Thanks for your reply and info, very much appreciated. I will definitely check it out.
What I meant to say, is, that I wanted to create an app that when a user enters data in a text field it would send the search request to the DB. The DB would already contained tables pre-populated with fix data and return results based on the search criteria… like a lookup table. I didn’t what an app that can update or delete data. Hope that makes sense.

Ohhhhh gotcha now.

You’ll create some kind of function, that has your data, and insert that into the database. (But only do this like for example when the app first runs).

And then make your apps functionality to query that data.

The tutorial I mentioned can show you how to insert data and query it

Hey there,

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Hope you can find this helpful!


I have exactly the same problem, but I couldn’t find any help in the web. Did this solution work for you? And you you know wheatear there is a more recent solution for SwiftData?