Console output does not display Xcode 10.3

I have Xcode 10.3. The console output does not display any output from my code. Error appear but not code using the print function.

Hi Steven,

Can you provide some code so that we can see what you are attempting to do.

Hi Chris! Thanks for responding. Here is the sample code that does not display, Thank you!

import UIKit

var str = “Hello, playground”

class Mammal {

func sleep() {

func eat() {


let SomeMammal = Mammal()

class Bear: Mammal {

var furColor = ""

func hibernate() {
override func eat() {
    print("eating fish")


let aBear = Bear()

what do you mean not printing? are you sure your console is put in output mode?

Can you paste a screenshot Xcode that you’re doing this on? You may have turned off some setting or aren’t running the project

Dunno why you can’t see any output in the Playground Console but I certainly can with your code.

So it is not the code then. The triangle is supposed to be blue not white. Whatever I try, I can’t make the triangle blue.

Can you provide a screen capture of what you are seeing.

What happens when you press the play button?

Absolutely nothing. it does not tuen blue. It just stays white.