Content compression madness

I’m working on my own app (yeah!) but I’m being thrown, I think, by the ‘Content Compression Resistance Priority’ and/or the ‘Content Hugging Priority’. Attached is a snip of my story board. I have two labels and next to the first are three images that may be shown depending on what’s being displayed in the cell. When I run the simulator, the first label is clipped, like it is in the storyboard. I could just move the images but I would expect auto layout to expand the label if needed. I saw mention of ‘width constraint priority’ but I can find that anywhere. What am I missing? Shouldn’t labels expand to the size of the text?


P.S. The simulator is also truncating the height of table view cells so the second label isn’t showing. I tried cranking up the height of the prototype cell but that didn’t help. Very confusing.


I’ll answer my own question for the compressed label in case it helps others. It seems constraints have priority too. The spacing constraint between the right edge of the label and the left edge of the image view was 1000 (the default value). When I made the priority of the spacing constraint 700 (lower than the horizontal Content Compression Resistance Priority (the “don’t shrink me” value)), the label expanded to the size needed for the text.

Now to figure out why the height of my table view cells aren’t growing to meet the content. :wink: