Core Data (UIkit) vs Core Data (SwiftUI)

Hi everyone,
I just joined the program.
I found there are a lot of existing courses that are marked with (UIkit).
I was wondering if I would be able to apply what will be learned in course the “Databases (UIkit)” in SwiftUI?

I just finished the fourteen days challenge of SwiftUI, and I’d like to focus my journey on SwiftUI, does that mean I shouldn’t take any courses that’s marked with (UIkit)?

Because the DataBase course for SwiftUI won’t be released until April.
Since the current situation, I got some more free time, and wondering where should I go from module 3.


Hi Mike,

Welcome to the Code Crew community.

It really depends on what your ultimate goal is.

If you are just learning for fun and not interested in getting a developer job then go with SwiftUI.

On the other hand if your aspirations are that of being a developer then you will need to know how to use the UIKit framework and how to build and maintain UIKit Apps using Storyboard or written programmatically. The vast majority of Apps in the market place have been built with UIKit and still need to be maintained.

SwiftUI still is not capable of being able to do everything that UIKit can do so in a lot of cases SwiftUI projects require UIKIt framework element to be included. Over time SwiftUI will be expanded to the extent that eventually it will be capable of replacing UIKit altogether but that’s a number of years away.

Hi Chris,
Thank you for the speedy reply.

However, the question wasn’t really choosing which one I want to learn.
Cuz I’ve already chosen to learn SwiftUI,

Just not sure if the courses marked with UIkit will be of help or applicable to SwiftUI or not. Let’s say if I finished CoreData(UIkit) course, would it be applicable to SwiftUI, or I have to take the CoreData(SwiftUI) course all over again when it’s released?

Core Data as a framework will be the same, how you interact with it and what code you write may be different

I see , thank you for the explanation!