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Core Data: What means the prefix "Managed ..."?

In terms like for example “managedObjectContext” or “NSManagedObject”: What’s meant with “managed”? What’s the special meaning of that prefix?


Hi Michael,

My understanding is that Core Data is the object that manages the underlying SQLite database to persist (store) the data so rather than you having to write SQL code to update the tables directly, Core Data manages that process and you define the attributes of each Entity (table if you like) and the relation between Entities if such a relationship exists.

I hope that makes sense. If my understanding is incorrect then I am sure that someone will correct me.

(edit) this might be a useful description to help you understand what it is and what it is not.

Hello Chris,

thanks a lot. That really helped.

“Managed” means, that Core Data takes care of fetching, creates, updates etc.
You don’t have to write any SQL-queries yourself. You only say what you want and Core Data handles it for you.