Couldn't generate API key
The yelp website continuously asking to complete the bot challenge even though I have completed the challenge. I also tried to raise the issue with hCaptcha but to no avail.
Kindly help me to signup the webpage so that I can generate API key for networking course.

So are you saying that you were not able to create an account on the Yelp site or login if you already had created an account?

Yes. Earlier I used my google credentials to login and sign up. But now I have even tried with sign up with email also. Now the error is claiming that I am not eligible for sign up. and the other error “Yelp is overworked”

My account is not yet created.

I even tried with sign up with link.
Msg"Link sent to Verify your email to continue"
But I didn’t receive link.

Here’s a screenshot of the error

OK so at that point you have been identified as being a human rather than a bot so tap on the “Sign Up” button and the process should continue.

After clicking on sign up. I’m again getting the same msg to complete the challenge. I tried to clear all the cache and cookies but it didn’t work.

Without api key I am unable to move forward across parsing the yelp api response. I visually tried to copy the key from the course in lesson 06 (making yelp api request) and execute. I got status code as 401.
I know the issue is quite trivial (not signing up) but without key I’m unable to make progress. There’s some issue with yelp website or may be due to location (India) it might not allow signing up.
Either ways I’m losing too much time.

Alright! On searching the issue through internet I learned that it was a location issue. I changed my location through VPN and Voila! I have generated client id and key!!