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Course how to setup/use environments?

One of my apps got complex. This is my configuration:

Xcode code base → cloud functions → firestore db

I’d like to create two environments : dev & prod. It’s pretty straight fwd with cloud functions to separate my functions and also to create a test and prod db in Firebase. But in Xcode I have no idea…

I found this resource, use schemas to use different environments, but how do you merge dev to prod when it’s ready?

do we have a good tutorial here in cwc for this scenario? (having multiple environments) and merge between them, dev->stage->prod

I found this tutorial. I guess I’ll use the dirty and manual way to define the env variable at launch…

still I don;t get how the dev and prod merges?

this is the best video I found about it, what a pain to setup env in xcode!
lesson 59


To merge them together I would think that your dev and prod code are on two different branches and you’d merge them when ready

But the environment variables are basically about is your app using dev or prod at the moment (I believe)

This is a good topic that isn’t covered very often

You can add it to the ideas page for Chris to make a tutorial about it!