Course locked after sign up

Hi Chris,
Just signed for the Black Friday sale, but not able to see courses. Under my courses I only see 14 day challenge, and other lessons I already have from the last time I signed up couple of years ago.
When I click ‘All courses’ I see iOS Foundation etc, but unable to access, when I click Foundation for instance, it takes me to Join CWC page, and when I click that, it takes me to Black Friday sign up page.
Do let me know how to proceed,

Try to refresh page, if that does not work, try signing out and then login in again. If it does not work, contact:

Wish you Luck,

Jueon Kim

Hey Guru, are you still having trouble logging in? If so, please contact and we’ll get you sorted!

Hi Chris, still have the problem (also seems to be a problem with teachable, keeps sending me code to verify device which I’ve been using all along! I’ll write to the care email. Thanks.

Hi Chris andjueonmusic), wrote to care id, and Arthur managed to fix it, now I can see all the courses, thanks! :sweat_smile:

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