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This is the first time that I am posting a question in this forum and I’m not quite sure if this is the right place to ask this question. If not, please let me know and my apologies.

I have skimmed through the course material and all of the courses seem to be aimed for iPhone developers. Do you offer anything for those wanting to develop Mac desktop applications using multiple screens? Also, do any of your iPhone apps use WiFi and Bluetooth?

Thanks in advance

A majority of the curriculum is for iOS, iPhone apps, there is a small section for Mac apps, but that isn’t the primary focus at the moment

Use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in what way?

Use Bluetooth to access desktop devices where no internet is available. Wifi to access our own Website and download/upload files

in terms of iOS Development, from what I’ve gathered is it doesn’t matter the way you’re connected to the internet, as long as you are.

I’ve found videos on both of your requirements on YouTube though. I personally haven’t completed all of Chris’s content to know but I’m not thinking there’s any bluetooth vids. It really depends what the app’s calling for.