Course order confusion

Just finished with the iOS foundations (swiftui) but not sure where to go now. I signed up for plus…do I now go to UIKit foundations? Or is there more being released for SwiftUI? Confused on the overall navigation of the courses.

Hello, my name is Jueon Kim and I am 9 years old and just applied to CWC+ Program.
There are many things to do. For example, You can go to iOS Database, and also iOS Animations. And also, SwiftUI Map app, Learning app, and many other things are coming soon (December.). Sometimes there could be many things. So in iOS Database, there is Firestore journal app, iOS photo app, and many other things.

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Jueon Kim

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Jueon, thanks. I went back and viewed the first video and now understand things are being updated with SwiftUI.

Hi @jasonabullard I’m also slightly confused as to what’s next what to I move onto whilst waiting for other tutorials to be ready. What did you try next? I noticed that the 14 Day Challenge is the same as the iOS Foundation Swift UI…so that’s two completed :slight_smile:

keen to get stuck into the next one.


Chris B

Hello the swiftui course is actually still being built… I would suggest going through the foundations course (uikit) for now as it deals with storyboars style of programming… Once that foundations course is done you can check our database course, design course, and other stuff available that might interest you

The ios bento is a collection of small tutorials for a particular kind of functionality to help you get started

Thats perfect thank you much appreciated.

I actually decided to learn UIKit and storyboard. Figured it couldn’t hurt since a lot of apps are still written this way.

I would also recommend the iOS database. And animations. It is fun to make and since I am a apple kid developer and published 9 apps and don’t have much time, I finished it on one day. There are many, also code with Chris ad free videos on CWCHub

Great idea thank you.

Yep definitely going to get to those also, thank you.