Create an App switcher

Hello , there , I would like to know what knowledge I need to create an App Switcher page with SwiftUI, the one App that allows you to switch between the different open pages of applications , which allows us to go from a different page of an application to another different page of another application , thank you

I believe you can do that with the proper HTML links (which you can display with NSAttributedStrings, I remember iOS Foundations touches that at some point in the course). Basically, when you go to an app’s web page on Safari and you have the corresponding app, your phone will automatically redirect you to the app. May not exactly be what you’re looking for but it works. I guess it depends on your specific requirements.

Oh okay thanks I see , I’ll try that but I don’t know if it will work , because i want to create the same app or feature that allow us to go from an App to different App , for instance I opened 5 differents App like facebook, Apple Music , photos , Calendar , FaceTime , i want to be able to switch between these different App as we do in iPhone

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I’m not sure exactly what you mean with “switch between these different apps as we do in iPhone” you can make what are called Deep Links, that allow you go to into a specific page of an app (that you create)

Where you’d have a custom link that someone can tap on, and it would go to a specific view of your app (you customize the link, and handling of this link) to navigate to the right screen.

But I’m not really sure this is what you’re describing

More info about Deep Links

Oh okay thank you Mikaela ,what I meant is navigate between different app pages already open , you see when you open an app and after you go to another app , for instance , you opened googles maps , after you exit maps , you go to gmail , after you exit you go to Snapchat and so on , after having open all these different app , at the certain time when you swipe up , you see all of them and you can get to each one , you know what I mean :sweat_smile: ?

Yes that’s the app switcher, but I don’t understand what kind of switcher you’re trying to build

Oh yeah , I’m just trying to build the same App switcher , i wanna know how to code this , which parts of the course I have to know , what knowledge it take to code an App switcher , and thereafter code it and add some other feature, animations at it if possible :smiley:

You can’t make an “app switcher” where you are the one switching between apps, it’s part of iOS, which is something you can’t directly interact with in that way

You can make an app that could open different apps (kinda like shortcuts does)

But you can’t have a functional app switcher. You could also make the animation of the app switcher, but it would still be contained in an app

Oh okay , I see , thank you so much , thanks for the enlighten me , so if I want to build and app or the shortcut that could open different apps and stuff like you told me , what knowledge does it take in SwiftUI to make this kind of app , what do I need to learn in order to make it ?

Making a shortcut, is NOT coding in Swift they’re 2 completely different things

Open the built in Shortcuts app, and you can create a new shortcut to do different things (look up tutorials on how to use iOS shortcuts)

Oh okay , I will create an app then , because I’d like to add animation to it and maybe other stuff
So firstly , What knowledge does it take to create an app that’ll open multiple apps and close them also ? Thank you

You can open other apps, but you can’t close them.

You’d use Deep Links of some sort to open them, but you can not navigate to specific screens because you don’t create those other apps, so you can’t control how they’re opened

Oh okay I get it , I wanted to create something that will close all the open page of the app switcher at once instead of delete one at the time and add a little animation , but I suppose that I’m not able to do it as you told me , since i haven’t made all those app , i can’t control them in order to do stuff that i want , am i correct ? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

No you can’t do this, it’s not possible

Thanks for letting me know , I’m gonna think about another app idea then :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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You can do it! There’s tons out there, also if this is your first app, you don’t need to do something ground breaking, just get started with something simple!

thank you very much for the time you took to answer and inform me about what I was looking for, thank you for your encouragement too
Tomorrow I’m gonna start the 90 day program and think about what app I can make