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Create iPad app with existing code

There’s an app I use (sysex librarian by https://www.snoize.com) on the
Mac computer but there isn’t an app for the iPad and the developer doesn’t want to make the app.

however, they have the code available for use on GitHub GitHub - krevis/MIDIApps: MIDI apps for Mac OS X: MIDI Monitor and SysEx Librarian.

what courses do you have and would recommend to accomplish creating the
iPad app version or would you recommend i use an experienced developer?

i have no experience in coding apps.

Thank you.


Welcome to the community.

You have a very steep learning curve ahead of you if you want to modify that code to run on an iPad. It’s written in UIKit and is coded programatically (ie, does not use a storyboard to lay out the User Interface) which is not easy to learn.

Having an experienced Developer modify the App for you could be expensive because even he/she is going to have to study the code closely to work out what is going on.

Good luck.

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thank you, i was more curious in what would be involved.

There are a series of UIKit courses on the learn.codewithchris.com site but they rely on using a storyboard in which you lay out what the user sees on the screen and then connect those objects into the View Controller code that supports and controls that screen.

In a programatic version you define the objects and the position using code which is what they have done in this project.

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Welcome to the community!!
Yup it’ll take a little bit to modify (with zero experience)

But if you’re looking for someone to modify it, you can reach out to me if you want (see my profile)

If you want to learn to code, go for it!! But it will take time!

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