Creating Account With Apple Developer

I’m new to this just recently created my account with Apple and I’m trying to develop my app for my website but having difficulties figuring out where to pay the $99 and get started. Can someone walk me threw this process thanks? Almost forgot do you have to have a Macbook to start creating Apps?

You must have a Mac to create apps for iOS that go in the App Store.

You can have a free developer account for a while and only go about paying the $99 when you actually want to out the app on the store.
(PS this is a reoccurring $99 fee)

Here’s the link to begin creating your account
Apple has pretty good documentation on how to actually create the account.

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Thanks for responding that $99 is once a year correct? I’m going to need some help creating an app for my online store. Not sure what direction to turn in for this at the present moment.

Yes $99 per year!

Checkout to figure out what you need to learn to build your app

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Thanks, I have an idea. You think it would be easier to pay someone to make an app for my business or just create one on my own.

depends on your budget. if its simple enough you might be able to find developers to make an app for as low as 600-1000 dollars not including maintenance

but i suggest giving it a go first yourself and see if you can do it on your own, it will also help you gauge how popular your app is and if it needs investment :wink:

Thanks, think i’m going to do it myself. I’ll be in touch with you soon once i get started.