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Creating an interactive presentation App

Apologies if this seems totally OT and just a bad idea…but if it is, would be great to get some advice.

So as part of a campaign my team is developing, we are sending an iPad out to a select few individuals…and we need to show them an interactive presentation.

People have suggested using Keynote, or Powerpoint or PDF…but none of these options really suit us. If the presentation was opened in Guided Access mode, you’d still be able to exit the presentation mode and return to the program (Powerpoint, Keynote etc).

I’d much prefer if we could create a fully self contained App that ran through our presentation and the only way you could exit (Guided access) would be to enter a password.

So my question, is it possible to convert (or have someone program) a presentation we have mocked up as a PDF…make into an App - and then be able to run this App on an iPad - without the need to have it go through the App store (some kind of test mode as it would only be on one device).

Sorry if this seems totally strange and not allowed here? But any advice would be greatly appreciated.