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Creating and desingning app with Swift UI and using keynote

I was just wondering about in inquiry that is circling inside my mind and I’m trying to figure out which way should I go with to create an app and that’s why I would like to find clear answer. Through my experience with Xcode and swift UI, I noticed that there’s three different paths to be capable to build an iOS apps.

1 Using interface design.
2 coding.
3 Keynote.

My question is what’s the difference between these three ways and which one should I use to create and design my own apps??

Welcome to the community @Mohammed !

I’m not sure what you mean for point 1, “using interface design”

Keynote can be used to create mock-ups (what the apps look like) that’s it. It can not actually build an app with any kind of functionality.

Coding. You will need to use Xcode to build your app.

SwiftUI, this is used to build the UI, user interface of the app. What it looks like. As opposed to UIKit which is the now older (but still very much used) way of building apps.
With UIKit you can build the interface programmatically (all code) or use storyboards.

No matter what you must use Xcode (the IDE) and Swift (the programming language) to actually give you app functionality

Ok! Awesome. Thank you you for the useful informations that you provided me. What I meant with first point is that now I am able to type a text with the keynote app, så why I do I need to type a text in my app with user interface??

Keynote can be used for making mock-ups, what the app looks like. It is NOT for building an app.

Keynote is typically used for presentations, like Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

Ok! In this case, if we can only design the look of the app, but why do I need to design the look of this app in the tutorial in the Xcode UI. I mean I could these steps with keynote. Since, I only need to move the image of the landscape and the map both on a template and type the text turtle rock and California. Why should I spend so much time with coding and designing on Xcode UI?? I’m sorry for taking too long and living many questions :hugs: :laughing: Mikaelacaaron