Creating for android and iOS

Hey guys! I am new to the page and I would like to say hello! I am sure i will be here quite often with this new adventure my mom has me doing for her haha! I am interested in making an app that will be able to be released on android and apple. We care more about the apple release then the android currently! We do not have a mac computer that is powerful enough to run what we need it to do currently. I have the a computer that is able to do so but it is a windows OS. We wanted to use xcode but we aren’t going to be able to because of the mac product issue and aren’t currently willing to by the third party source to make my windows recognize as a mac. I was wondering if there is another source that we can use outside of xcode! All knowledgeable and informational comments are welcome! eyes and ears are open for feed back!

Hi @Okazi Welcome!

Chris has a couple great videos that may be of help. Here is one for the Windows question:

And this one may help sort our the cross platform issue:

Good luck!