Creating image assets in 1x , 2x ,3x

How can I create image assets, logos in 1x, 2x, 3x formats for my app ?

Hi @jahnavi_mahajan Welcome to the community!

There are a couple resources you can use. Figma (a free resource) and Sketch (paid) are powerful design tools that you can create all manner of art and will export in the required formats automatically.

I am a worthless design so I get my icons from the Noun Project. You can use the icon for free if you edit the artist. Or you can pay an annual fee to use them at will, with no credit if you do not want. I pay the fee, primarily as I want to support the developer and keep them in business.

In terms of auto creation of ICON, there are several out there. I use App Icon Resizer as it has never failed to create the correct sizes every time. Other I have tried, I have had to tweak to get right.

Happy hunting.

hello, you can use Prepo (free on the Appstore), drag your original image (original is the 3x), and it will create the other sizes for you, this goes with the icons as well