CWC YouTube SwiftUI lesson 4

Hi Code Community,

Day 1 here, hope this finds you all in good health.

My wife and I have been working through the online YouTube tutorials that Chris has compiled during lockdown #luvinit

Been all good so far but now that we’ve started with the SwiftUI lessons its definitely stepped a gear lol, our main snag has been on State Properties in SwiftUI lesson 4, in that we’ve not been able to suss the end challenge.

Not sure if this is available somewhere in the forum, if so please can someone give us a steer?

Lesson 3 would be nice for the solution to check we’ve completed in the best way too.

Many thanks much appreciated.


Done = )
Turns out we were overcomplicating this, really simple in the end.
Just keep trying, if anything trial and error gets you there.
Feels good to have resolved this.

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