Daniel Anderson - Starting Beginner Class

Hello, I am starting the courses. I messed around with a few other video tutorials before but never finished them. I am plan on completing the ones on here. I have done some experimenting with the C Programming Language in the past. Years ago I took an introduction to IPhone programming class and likes making IPhone apps, it was in Objective C, then the class ended and it seems apple is going away from Objective C.


Welcome to the code crew Community Daniel.

Not only has Apple gone away from the Objective C Framework to the Swift series of Frameworks but there is an even newer Framework that was introduced in 2019 called SwiftUI. Yes, a lot has changed in the years since you dabbled in Objective C.

Good luck with taking on the courses that Chris has created and remember that there is always help here if you get stuck. Start with the basics course which will cover the Swift language syntax and as you get further along, the courses introduce Apps using what you have covered in the basics. It’s a marathon rather than a sprint so take your time.