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Dashboard Courses Not Showing

Hey code crew, is anybody else not able to see the courses in the course dashboard? Mine only shows the course I was doing last.

Take a screenshot of what you are seeing and post in a reply. Assuming that you are logged in that sounds a little odd. Can you scroll down?

I’m having the same issue.

Hello @Dronus! We’re aware of this issue and have relayed this to Thinkific, which is the platform that we’re using to host our courses. They told us that they are already working to fix this, and we’ll update everyone in the community once everything’s back to normal. Thank you!

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It’s been several days and the dashboard still isn’t showing courses. Any progress on this?

Hey @Dronus , as of this comment, are you still not able to see any courses on the dashboard? I just checked on our end, and the courses should be fixed by now. If so, can you reply with a screenshot of what the dashboard looks like on your end? Thank you! :slight_smile:

@Dronus We just received information today from Thinkific that all courses should be showing properly as normal. If you have any issues with your dashboard, do let us know. Thank you! :slight_smile: