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Data Modeling Question


I am planning a new app that will allow users to sign up for an account, create data objects to store in their account, add friends who also have accounts, and be able to selectively “share” those data objects so they can appear in their friends account.

I am second guessing whether to use Firebase or CoreData for this project (or a combination of both? not sure if that’s clunky). It would be nice to store the data objects on the users device for offline activity but it’s not required.


You wouldn’t really use both. Firebase is a cloud database, this would be required because Core Data is only for used for saving data locally.

You could use Core Data and CloudKit together. CloudKit is Apple’s cloud technology (similar to some of Firebase)

Firebase automatically caches data to save locally. So you wouldn’t manually have to do it.

I’d recommend CloudKit and Core Data, because CloudKit has a “shared database” which already inherently does the functionality you’re looking for.

As opposed to doing it in Firebase you’d manually have to lay out more stuff. (Model the data differently)

Thank you! Is there a specific course that focuses on combining CloudKit and CD?

There is info about Core Data, but not on CloudKit, Sean Allen has a course on CloudKit,

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Honestly a little disappointed at the sales pitch here. I’m already committed to paying for Chris’s service and this just makes it seems like sales funnel. I love Chris’s videos because of his style of teaching. I really don’t want to be getting ads for other services. I’d really appreciate if Chris made an effort to fill these gaps instead upselling affiliate links :frowning:

That wasn’t the point of my post and wasn’t a sales pitch.


Chris is an amazing teacher and I love his content. He does not currently have content on CloudKit and I was mentioning another creator who does. Sean Allen.

I do happen to have a link for his course because I’ve personally paid for his courses. But no, I don’t get a kickback for it (an affiliate payout). I would only get a discount on any other course by Sean’s that I buy. (Which anyone actually gets because that’s how he set his up)

If you want to find CloudKit courses by Chris, you can request it here CodeWithChris - Roadmap

It’s already top voted, so you voting for it and raising more attention can help!

Chris (and any content creator) can’t cover every single API out there. There’s many amazing iOS dev content creators with their own styles and cover different topics. Also remember they have to update literally all of their content every single year, because things constantly break especially with SwiftUI. They are all making a tremendous effort to have updated tutorials.

I can be overly sensitive to sales and marketing tactics. I appreciate your response.

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