Data structure question

The app I am making will show a table view with just 3 textfields (a summary of the trip), and when you click on the table row it will show all the details (a total of 25 text fields).

I can put all of the data in one collection and the app works fine, but when the table is populated it is retrieving the extra information that might not be needed.

My plan was to have a Summary collection and a Detail collection, Is this the proper way to do it and Do I need to have the 3 fields from the summary collection also in the detail collection?

its quite hard to visualize that you are trying to do, screenshots and maybe a “drawing board” of the current data structure will help a lot

I have never been good at describing/ explaining things… Here is a screenshot of my tableview. When a user selects a trip it will go to a new view controller and display more details about the trip (miles, fuel used, cost of food, hotels, etc.).

If I put everything in one collection then every time the tableview is loaded it will have to retrieve all the information for every trip saved and I don’t think that is a good idea.

Edit: I added a screenshot of what I am thinking for the detail page. The table view only has 3 fields and I won’t the rest field in when a table row is selected.

I was thinking about this for the data structure but not sure it is the best way.

from what i remember it should be fine if you set firebase to load from cache first, so if there is no new data for your summary then it wont “refresh” it, it will just load the offline (memory) data that it has