DataBases Mod 6 Create Cancel UIContexturalAction

HI CWC crew,

In DataBases mod 6 GuideBook app, at the end of the lessons Chris invites us to add some functionality to the app.

One of the things I’ve added is an alert controller with action sheet asking for confirmation of delete if the user swipes to delete a note (from the NotesViewController).

This works fine as does the delete function itself.

The other alert option, is to cancel, instead of delete. (I’ve also added a cancel option as a UIContextualAction to the UISwipeActionsConfiguration)

If the user selects cancel I can dismiss the swipe delete action ( ie) dismiss the red delete bar ), but I can’t get this to “slowly disappear” from view ( animate it slowly away ). I can do this by calling tableView.beginUpdates and tableView.endUpdates, but this snaps the delete bar away and doesn’t look good.

Can anyone help me with the code required in the handler as per the attached pic ?

Hope I’ve explained that ok ?