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Deep Learning using swift?

I want to start deep learning and from my researches until now, I’ve got that it is possible to do the deep learning projects using the Swift programming language. Another useful language I found for this purpose is Python.
I have two questions and will be so glad if you help me find the answer.

  1. Can I do deep learning projects in Swift? or the researches are wrong and Swift is not able to do deep learning?
  2. If the answer to the first question is positive, do you prefer Python or Swift for Deep Learning and Machine Learning purposes and why?

Hi @minhashemi what do you want to achieve through deep learning? What problem are you trying to solve?

In general, I find that Python is the easier language to work with versus Swift. However, for my own app, I need to develop it with Swift, because I want Machine Learning (ML) image to text recognition done on the person’s iPhone even without an Internet connection. This is not possible with Python. Google even created a frame work to accomplish this text recognition on mobile devices: ML Kit  |  Google Developers.

However, I couldn’t figure out the code enough of their code to build my own app. Thus, I signed up for CodeWithChris+ and am loving it! It’s taught me the things I need to build basic apps. Right now, I’m going through their iOS Databases class, so I can learn to save data offline, then later a design course, and finally I’ll tackle their own machine learning course.