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Dhruv Reddys App Journal

I finally decided to start coding again after my initial slog in Module 2. This time I have decided to make a journal to prevent me from temporarily quitting ever again. I just finished module 3 few hours ago and it was a breeze and definitely a mental booster I am currently in module 4 and I have gotta say the challenges are starting to get easier and more manageable. I am definitely starting to regrow my confidence that I gained in module 1. I think I have cleared the development learning curve and I am on my way to becoming an iOS developer.

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Congrats on pushing through a difficult section! I have found that a theme in my programming learning. I have to push through difficult sections over and over and over again.

What course are you working on right now?

Module 4. I am currently on lsn 9 and it is getting way easier. I think the problem was I had trouble working with the “backend” if you call it that, because it is so hard to debug and figure out your problem. Your mistakes are very prone to errors or your code not working properly because it is hard to get a visual representation on it.