Discord Community

Hey all,

I wanted to start a little discord community for those who are currently in iOS First App or for anyone who wants to join wherever you are in the process.

Ultimately, I wanted to create an app of my own soon after finished the last two modules and already have a few concepts in mind and wanted to start reaching out more for collaborators!

But before I get to building this app, I wanted to see if there are others who would be interested in a community on discord where we can talk about any app ideas we had in mind, struggles in these modules, or maybe create a community where we can reach out to find collaborators of our own apps individually.

Let me know if you want to join the server!

I think one would be good. I already ran into my first roadblock lol, I’m sure, one of many. but that’s how we learn. lol.

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I’ll send you an invite!
I am stuck on one right now hah